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    • 1621 - The Renormalization Group 

      [OWR-2016-26] (2016) - (22 May - 28 May 2016)
      The renormalization group was originally introduced as a multiscale approach to quantum field theory and the theory of critical phenomena, explaining in particular the universality observed e.g. in critical exponents. Since ...
    • 0615 - The Rigorous Renormalization Group 

      [OWR-2006-17] (2006) - (09 Apr - 15 Apr 2006)
      The renormalization group is a mathematical tool used in the analysis of systems with infinitely many degrees of freedom associated with length scales. The workshop presents recent work in this domain concerning probability ...
    • Theoretical Analysis and Simulation Methods for Hawkes Processes and their Diffusion Approximation 

      [OWP-2020-09] Chevallier, Julien; Melnykova, Anna; Tubikanec, Irene (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2020-03-30)
      Oscillatory systems of interacting Hawkes processes with Erlang memory kernels were introduced in Ditlevsen and Löcherbach (2017). They are piecewise deterministic Markov processes (PDMP) and can be approximated by a ...
    • 0143a - Theoretische und Mathematische Biologie 

      [TB-2001-47] (2001) - (21 Oct - 27 Oct 2001)
    • 1208a - Theory and Applications of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods 

      [OWR-2012-10] (2012) - (19 Feb - 25 Feb 2012)
      The workshop was organized by Susanne C. Brenner (Louisiana State University), Ronald Hoppe (University of Houston, Augsburg University) and Béatrice Rivière (Rice University). There were twenty-one lectures. The meeting ...
    • 1638b - Theory and Numerics of Inverse Scattering Problems 

      [OWR-2016-45] (2016) - (18 Sep - 24 Sep 2016)
      This workshop addressed specific inverse problems for the time-harmonic Maxwell’s equations, resp. special cases of these, such as the Helmholtz equation or quasistatic approximations like in impedance tomography. The ...
    • 0439 - Theory of the Riemann Zeta and Allied Functions 

      [OWR-2004-46] (2004) - (19 Sep - 25 Sep 2004)
    • 0138 - Theory of the Riemann Zeta and Allied Functions 

      [TB-2001-43] (2001) - (16 Sep - 22 Sep 2001)
    • There is a unique real tight contact 3-ball 

      [OWP-2010-01] Öztürk, Ferit; Salepci, Nermin (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2010)
      We prove that there is a unique real tight contact structure on the 3-ball with convex boundary up to isotopy through real tight contact structures. We also give a partial classification of the real tight solid tori with ...
    • 0251 - Thermodynamische Materialtheorien 

      [TB-2002-56] (2002) - (15 Dec - 21 Dec 2002)
    • 0451 - Thermodynamische Materialtheorien 

      [OWR-2004-55] (2004) - (12 Dec - 18 Dec 2004)
      The meeting was focused on research in the broad field of thermodynamic constitutive theories. It provided a contact between physicists, engineers and mathematicians, whose talks led to lively and interesting discussions. ...
    • 0051 - Thermodynamische Materialtheorien 

      [TB-2000-48] (2000) - (17 Dec - 23 Dec 2000)
    • Tilting on non-commutative rational projective curves 

      [OWP-2009-14] Burban, Igor; Drozd, Jurij A. (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2009-03-08)
      In this article we introduce a new class of non-commutative projective curves and show that in certain cases the derived category of coherent sheaves on them has a tilting complex. In particular, we prove that the right ...
    • Time and band limiting for matrix valued functions, an example 

      [OWP-2015-08] Grünbaum, F. A.; Pacharoni, I.; Zurrián, Ignacio Nahuel (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2015-07-29)
      The main purpose of this paper is to extend to a situation involving matrix valued orthogonal polynomials and spherical functions, a result that traces its origin and its importance to work of Claude Shannon in laying the ...
    • Time Discretization Schemes for Hyperbolic Systems on Networks by ε-Expansion 

      [OWP-2019-03] Altmann, Robert; Zimmer, Christoph (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2019-02-12)
      We consider partial differential equations on networks with a small parameter $\epsilon$, which are hyperbolic for $\epsilon>0$ and parabolic for $\epsilon=0$. With a combination of an $\epsilon$-expansion and Runge-Kutta ...
    • 1905 - Tomographic Inverse Problems: Theory and Applications 

      [OWR-2019-4] (2019) - (27 Jan - 02 Feb 2019)
      This was the tenth Oberwolfach conference on the mathematics of tomography. The field rests on the interplay between the theoretical and applied; practical questions lead to new mathematics and pure mathematics motivates ...
    • 0025 - Topics in Classical Algebraic Geometry 

      [TB-2000-25] (2000) - (18 Jun - 24 Jun 2000)
    • Topics in control theory 

      [OWS-22] Knobloch, Hans W.; Isidori, Alberto; Dietrich, Flockerzi (Birkhäuser Basel, 1993)
      One of the key concerns in modern control theory is the design of steering strategies. The implementation of such strategies is done by a regulator. Presented here is a self-contained introduction to the mathematical ...
    • Topics in the geometry of projective space : recent work of F. L. Zak 

      [OWS-04] Lazarsfeld, Robert; Ven, Alphons A. F. van de (Birkhäuser Basel, 1984)
      The main topics discussed at the D. M. V. Seminar were the connectedness theorems of Fulton and Hansen, linear normality and subvarieties of small codimension in projective spaces. They are closely related; thus the ...
    • Topological and Bivariant K-theory 

      [OWS-36] Cuntz, Joachim; Meyer, Ralf; Rosenberg, Jonathan M. (Birkhäuser Basel, 2007)
      Topological K-theory is one of the most important invariants for noncommutative algebras equipped with a suitable topology or bornology. Bott periodicity, homotopy invariance, and various long exact sequences distinguish ...