• 1109a - Mini-Workshop: The Homotopy Interpretation of Constructive Type Theory 

      [OWR-2011-11] (2011) - (27 Feb - 05 Mar 2011)
      Over the past few years it has become apparent that there is a surprising and deep connection between constructive logic and higherdimensional structures in algebraic topology and category theory, in the form of an ...
    • 0430 - Model Theory and Complex Analytic Geometry 

      [OWR-2004-35] (2004) - (18 Jul - 24 Jul 2004)
      The aim of the workshop was to discuss the connections between model theory and complex analytic geometry, a particularly fascinating point of interaction, where model-theoretic methods can both serve to extend the scope ...
    • 0703 - Model Theory and Groups 

      [OWR-2007-2] (2007) - (14 Jan - 20 Jan 2007)
      The aim of the workshop was to discuss the connections between model theory and group theory. Main topics have been the interaction between geometric group theory and model theory, the study of the asymptotic behaviour of ...
    • 1001 - Model Theory: Around Valued Fields and Dependent Theories 

      [OWR-2010-1] (2010) - (03 Jan - 09 Jan 2010)
      The general topic of the meeting was “Valued fields and related structures”. It included both applications of model theory, as well as so-called “pure” model theory: the classification of first order structures using new ...
    • 1601 - Model Theory: groups, geometry, and combinatorics 

      [OWR-2016-1] (2016) - (03 Jan - 09 Jan 2016)
      This conference was about recent interactions of model theory with combinatorics, geometric group theory and the theory of valued fields, and the underlying pure model-theoretic developments. Its aim was to report on recent ...
    • 1302 - Model Theory: Groups, Geometry, and Combinatorics 

      [OWR-2013-1] (2013) - (07 Jan - 12 Jan 2013)
      Overall this was a high quality meeting, with carefully chosen talks fitting in with the announced themes of the workshop.
    • Monoid valuations and value ordered supervaluations 

      [OWP-2011-17] Izhakian, Zur; Knebusch, Manfred; Rowen, Louis (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2011)
      We complement two papers on supertropical valuation theory ([IKR1], [IKR2]) by providing natural examples of m-valuations (= monoid valuations), after that of supervaluations and transmissions between them. The supervaluations ...
    • New representations of matroids and generalizations 

      [OWP-2011-18] Izhakian, Zur; Rhodes, John L. (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2011)
      We extend the notion of matroid representations by matrices over fields by considering new representations of matroids by matrices over finite semirings, more precisely over the boolean and the superboolean semirings. This ...
    • 1245a - Non-Archimedean Analytic Geometry 

      [OWR-2012-53] (2012) - (04 Nov - 10 Nov 2012)
      The workshop focused on recent developments in non-Archimedean analytic geometry with various applications to arithmetic and algebraic geometry. These applications include questions in Arakelov theory, p-adic differential ...
    • 1551 - Non-Archimedean Geometry and Applications 

      [OWR-2015-57] (2015) - (13 Dec - 19 Dec 2015)
      The workshop focused on recent developments in non-Archimedean analytic geometry with various applications to other fields, in particular to number theory and algebraic geometry. These applications included Mirror Symmetry, ...
    • 1909 - Non-Archimedean Geometry and Applications 

      [OWR-2019-8] (2019) - (24 Feb - 02 Mar 2019)
      The workshop focused on recent developments in non-Archimedean analytic geometry with various applications to other fields. The topics of the talks included applications to complex geometry, mirror symmetry, p-adic Hodge ...
    • 1718 - O-Minimality and its Applications to Number Theory and Analysis 

      [OWR-2017-22] (2017) - (30 Apr - 06 May 2017)
      The workshop brought together researchers in the areas of o-minimal structures, analysis and number theory. The latest developments in o-minimality and their applications to number theory and analysis were presented in a ...
    • 0732 - Permutation Groups 

      [OWR-2007-37] (2007) - (05 Aug - 11 Aug 2007)
      Abstract. The theory of permutation groups is essentially the theory of symmetry for mathematical and physical systems, and therefore has major impact in diverse areas of mathematics. Recent significant advances in permutation ...
    • 1733 - Proof Complexity and Beyond 

      [OWR-2017-37] (2017) - (13 Aug - 19 Aug 2017)
      Proof complexity is a multi-disciplinary intellectual endeavor that addresses questions of the general form “how difficult is it to prove certain mathematical facts?” The current workshop focused on recent advances in our ...
    • A Quantitative Analysis of the “Lion-Man” Game 

      [OWP-2019-18] Kohlenbach, Ulrich; López-Acedo, Genaro; Nicolae, Adriana (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2019-07-08)
      In this paper we analyze, based on an interplay between ideas and techniques from logic and geometric analysis, a pursuit-evasion game. More precisely, we focus on a discrete lion and man game with an $\varepsilon$-capture ...
    • 0549 - Set Theory 

      [OWR-2005-55] (2005) - (04 Dec - 10 Dec 2005)
      This meeting covered all important aspects of modern Set Theory, including large cardinal theory, combinatorial set theory, descriptive set theory, connections with algebra and analysis, forcing axioms and inner model ...
    • 1102 - Set Theory 

      [OWR-2011-2] (2011) - (09 Jan - 15 Jan 2011)
      This stimulating workshop exposed some of the most exciting recent develops in set theory, including major new results about the proper forcing axiom, stationary reflection, gaps in P(ω)/Fin, iterated forcing, the tree ...
    • 0803 - Set Theory 

      [OWR-2008-2] (2008) - (13 Jan - 19 Jan 2008)
    • 1403 - Set Theory 

      [OWR-2014-2] (2014) - (12 Jan - 18 Jan 2014)
      This stimulating workshop featured a broad selection of some of the most important recent developments in combinatorial set theory, the theory and applications of forcing, large cardinal theory and descriptive set theory.
    • 1707 - Set Theory 

      [OWR-2017-11] (2017) - (12 Feb - 18 Feb 2017)
      This workshop included selected talks on pure set theory and its applications, simultaneously showing diversity and coherence of the subject.