• Dirichlet Approximation and Universal Dirichlet 

      [OWP-2016-12] Aron, Richard M.; Bayart, Frédéric; Gauthier, Paul Montpetit; Maestre, Manuel; Nestoridis, Vassili (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2016-08-16)
      We characterize the uniform limits of Dirichlet polynomials on a right half plane. We extend the approximation theorems of Runge, Mergelyan and Vitushkin to the Dirichlet setting with respect to the Euclidean distance and ...
    • 1443 - Dirichlet Form Theory and its Applications 

      [OWR-2014-48] (2014) - (19 Oct - 25 Oct 2014)
      Theory of Dirichlet forms is one of the main achievements in modern probability theory. It provides a powerful connection between probabilistic and analytic potential theory. It is also an effective machinery for studying ...
    • Dirichlet Series 

      [SNAP-2014-001-EN] McCarthy, John E. (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2014)
      Mathematicians are very interested in prime numbers. In this snapshot, we will discuss some problems concerning the distribution of primes and introduce some special infinite series in order to study them.
    • 1406b - Dirichlet Series and Function Theory in Polydiscs 

      [OWR-2014-6] (2014) - (02 Feb - 08 Feb 2014)
      The interaction between Dirichlet series and function theory in polydiscs dates back to a fundamental insight of Harald Bohr and the subsequent groundbreaking work on multilinear forms and polarization by Bohnenblust and ...
    • 1009 - Disciplines and Styles in Pure Mathematics, 1800-2000 

      [OWR-2010-12] (2010) - (28 Feb - 06 Mar 2010)
      This workshop addressed issues of discipline and style in number theory, algebra, geometry, topology, analysis, and mathematical physics. Most speakers presented case studies, but some offered global surveys of how stylistic ...
    • 0217b - Discontinuous Galerkin Methods 

      [TB-2002-21] (2002) - (21 Apr - 27 Apr 2002)
    • 0411a - Discrepancy Theory and Its Applications 

      [OWR-2004-13] (2004) - (07 Mar - 13 Mar 2004)
    • Discrete Differential Geometry 

      [OWS-38] Bobenko, Alexander I.; Schröder, Peter; Sullivan, John M.; Ziegler, Günter M. (Birkhäuser Basel, 2008)
      Discrete differential geometry is an active mathematical terrain where differential geometry and discrete geometry meet and interact. It provides discrete equivalents of the geometric notions and methods of differential ...
    • 0903 - Discrete Differential Geometry 

      [OWR-2009-2] (2009) - (11 Jan - 17 Jan 2009)
      This is the collection of extended abstracts for the 26 lectures and the open problems session at the second Oberwolfach workshop on Discrete Differential Geometry.
    • 1228 - Discrete Differential Geometry 

      [OWR-2012-34] (2012) - (08 Jul - 14 Jul 2012)
      This is the collection of extended abstracts for the 24 lectures and the open problems session at the third Oberwolfach workshop on Discrete Differential Geometry.
    • 1510 - Discrete Differential Geometry 

      [OWR-2015-13] (2015) - (01 Mar - 07 Mar 2015)
      This is the collection of extended abstracts for the 26 lectures and the open problem session at the fourth Oberwolfach workshop on Discrete Differential Geometry.
    • 0610 - Discrete Differential Geometry 

      [OWR-2006-12] (2006) - (05 Mar - 11 Mar 2006)
      Discrete Differential Geometry is a broad new area where differential geometry (studying smooth curves, surfaces and other manifolds) interacts with discrete geometry (studying polyhedral manifolds), using tools and ideas ...
    • 0839 - Discrete Geometry 

      [OWR-2008-44] (2008) - (21 Sep - 27 Sep 2008)
    • 0022 - Discrete Geometry 

      [TB-2000-23] (2000) - (28 May - 03 Jun 2000)
    • 0515 - Discrete Geometry 

      [OWR-2005-17] (2005) - (10 Apr - 16 Apr 2005)
      The workshop on Discrete Geometry was attended by 53 participants, many of them young researchers. In 13 survey talks an overview of recent developments in Discrete Geometry was given. These talks were supplemented by 16 ...
    • 1136 - Discrete Geometry 

      [OWR-2011-44] (2011) - (04 Sep - 10 Sep 2011)
      A number of remarkable recent developments in many branches of discrete geometry have been presented at the workshop, some of them demonstrating strong interactions with other fields of mathematics (such as algebraic ...
    • 1436 - Discrete Geometry 

      [OWR-2014-40] (2014) - (31 Aug - 06 Sep 2014)
      Several significant new developments have been reported in many branches of discrete geometry at the workshop. The area has strong connections to other fields of mathematics for instance topology, algebraic geometry, ...
    • 1715 - Discrete Geometry 

      [OWR-2017-19] (2017) - (09 Apr - 15 Apr 2017)
      A number of important recent developments in various branches of discrete geometry were presented at the workshop. The presentations illustrated both the diversity of the area and its strong connections to other fields of ...
    • Discrete non-commutative integrability: the proof of a conjecture by M. Kontsevich 

      [OWP-2009-24] Di Francesco, Philippe; Kedem, Rinat (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2009-03-17)
      We prove a conjecture of Kontsevich regarding the solutions of rank two recursion relations for non-commutative variables which, in the commutative case, reduce to rank two cluster algebras of affine type. The conjecture ...
    • Discrete Translates in Lp (R) 

      [OWP-2015-09] Olevskij, Aleksandr M.; Ulanovskii, Alexander (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2015-06-18)
      A set $\Lambda$ is called $p$-spectral if there is a function $g \in L^p (\mathbb{R})$ such that all $\Lambda$-translates $\{g(t-\lambda),\lambda \in \Lambda\}$ span $L^p(\mathbb{R})$. We prove that exponentially small ...