• 0845a - Infinite Dimensional Random Dynamical Systems and Their Applications 

      [OWR-2008-50] Workshop Report 2008,50 (2008) - (02 Nov - 08 Nov 2008)
      The theory of infinite dimensional random dynamical systems shares many of the concepts and results for finite dimensional random dynamical systems, but with considerably more technical complications. Many examples are ...
    • 0849 - Interplay of Analysis and Probability in Physics 

      [OWR-2008-55] Workshop Report 2008,55 (2008) - (30 Nov - 06 Dec 2008)
      It is widely recognised that stochastic effects need to be included in the modelling of many physical systems, while reciprocally the sciences provide a challenging potential area of application of stochastic processes. ...
    • 0819 - Invariants in Low-Dimensional Topology 

      [OWR-2008-22] Workshop Report 2008,22 (2008) - (04 May - 10 May 2008)
      The complex set of topics in that workshop originates from the classical algebraic low–dimensional topology and the influx of new invariants that began with the Jones polynomial in the 1980’s, that continued with the recent ...
    • 0835 - Komplexe Analysis 

      [OWR-2008-38] Workshop Report 2008,38 (2008) - (24 Aug - 30 Aug 2008)
      The main aim of this workshop was to discuss recent developments in several complex variables and complex geometry. The topics included: classification of higher dimensional varieties, Kähler geometry and moduli spaces.
    • 0827b - Learning Theory and Approximation 

      [OWR-2008-30] Workshop Report 2008,30 (2008) - (29 Jun - 05 Jul 2008)
      Mathematical analysis of learning algorithms consists of bias measured by various kinds of approximation errors and variance investigated by probability and statistical analysis. This workshop has dealt with new developments ...
    • 0815 - Mathematical Logic: Proof Theory, Constructive Mathematics 

      [OWR-2008-18] Workshop Report 2008,18 (2008) - (06 Apr - 12 Apr 2008)
      The workshop “Mathematical Logic: Proof Theory, Constructive Mathematics” brought together a carefully selected group of mathematicians, computer scientists and logicians in other fields to discus the impact of proof-theoretic ...
    • 0807c - Mini-Workshop: Attraction to Solitary Waves and Related Aspects of Physics 

      [OWR-2008-8] Workshop Report 2008,8 (2008) - (10 Feb - 16 Feb 2008)
      The aim of the miniworkshop is the discussion of the solitary wave asymptotics for nonlinear Hamiltonian partial differential equations and relation to mathematical problems of Quantum Physics. While the existence and ...
    • 0807a - Mini-Workshop: Complex Approximation and Universality 

      [OWR-2008-6] Workshop Report 2008,6 (2008) - (10 Feb - 16 Feb 2008)
      The mini-workshop was devoted to the study of universality in connection with approximation theory in complex analysis and related notions within the framework of Banach spaces and various function spaces. Topics discussed ...
    • 0847c - Mini-Workshop: Group Actions on Curves: Reduction and Lifting 

      [OWR-2008-54] Workshop Report 2008,54 (2008) - (16 Nov - 22 Nov 2008)
      Group actions on algebraic curves over local, global and finite fields play an important role in modern algebraic and arithmetic geometry. From the arithmetic perspective, the most difficult and interesting case occurs ...
    • 0809b - Mini-Workshop: Hyperbolic Aspects of Phase Transition Dynamics 

      [OWR-2008-11] Workshop Report 2008,11 (2008) - (24 Feb - 01 Mar 2008)
      The subject of this mini-workshop concerned the analysis and numerical investigations of mathematical models for phase transitions. In particular recent results about the dynamics of liquid-vapor flows and the relevance ...
    • 0836b - Mini-Workshop: Mathematical Approaches to Collective Phenomena in Large Quantum Systems 

      [OWR-2008-40] Workshop Report 2008,40 (2008) - (31 Aug - 06 Sep 2008)
      Despite enormous progress in the last couple of decades, collective phenomena still mark one of the basic challenges of mathematical statistical mechanics. A number of approaches have been developed that provide a rigorous ...
    • 0836c - Mini-Workshop: Mathematics of Biological Membranes 

      [OWR-2008-41] Workshop Report 2008,41 (2008) - (31 Aug - 06 Sep 2008)
      The focus of this workshop was the modeling, analysis and numerical simulation of biological membranes. The fundamental models which characterize equilibria are based on bending energies such as the Helfrich energy and ...
    • 0807b - Mini-Workshop: Mathematics of Solvency 

      [OWR-2008-7] Workshop Report 2008,7 (2008) - (10 Feb - 16 Feb 2008)
      The discussion on solvency regulation for financial institutions, in particular the demand for appropriate risk measures, led to an axiomatic approach (coherent risk measures, Artzner et a. (2004)) which is now generally ...
    • 0847a - Mini-Workshop: Numerics for Kinetic Equations 

      [OWR-2008-52] Workshop Report 2008,52 (2008) - (16 Nov - 22 Nov 2008)
      Kinetic equations are crucial to an adequate description of many processes of scientific and industrial importance. In recent years there have been intensified research activities in the field of numerical algorithms for ...
    • 0847b - Mini-Workshop: Symmetric Varieties and Involutions of Algebraic Groups 

      [OWR-2008-53] Workshop Report 2008,53 (2008) - (16 Nov - 22 Nov 2008)
      This conference brought together experts from the areas of algebraic groups, Kac–Moody groups, Tits buildings, and symmetric varieties. The main theme presented and discussed during the workshop was the geometry of involutions ...
    • 0809a - Mini-Workshop: The Mathematics of Electro-Active Smart Materials 

      [OWR-2008-10] Workshop Report 2008,10 (2008) - (24 Feb - 01 Mar 2008)
      Science and technology have produced amazing developments in the design of electronics and machinery using smart materials. Some everyday items are already incorporating smart materials as electro-rheological and ...
    • 0836a - Mini-Workshop: The Mathematics of Growth and Remodelling of Soft Biological Tissues 

      [OWR-2008-39] Workshop Report 2008,39 (2008) - (31 Aug - 06 Sep 2008)
      Biology is becoming one of the most attractive fields of application of mathematics. The discoveries that have characterized the biological sciences in the last decades have become the most fertile matter for application ...
    • 0809c - Mini-Workshop: Time Series with Sudden Structural Changes 

      [OWR-2008-12] Workshop Report 2008,12 (2008) - (24 Feb - 01 Mar 2008)
      The workshop was concerned with models and tools for nonstationary time series, in particular for those which are piecewise stationary, but where the stochastic structure of the data generating process sometimes changes ...
    • 0843a - New Perspectives in Stochastic Geometry 

      [OWR-2008-47] Workshop Report 2008,47 (2008) - (19 Oct - 25 Oct 2008)
      The workshop was devoted to the discussion and exploration of recent developments in stochastic geometry. Two main themes were new results and methodology in classical stochastic geometry and allocation and matching ...
    • 0825 - Nonlinear Evolution Equations 

      [OWR-2008-27] Workshop Report 2008,27 (2008) - (15 Jun - 21 Jun 2008)
      In this workshop three types of nonlinear evolution problems - geometric evolution equations (essentially all of parabolic type), nonlinear hyperbolic equations and dispersive equations - were the subject of 21 talks.