• 1406a - Langlands Correspondence and Constructive Galois Theory 

      [OWR-2014-5] Workshop Report 2014,5 (2014) - (02 Feb - 08 Feb 2014)
      Recent progress in the Langlands programm provides a significant step towards the understanding of the arithmetic of global fields. The geometric Langlands program provides a systematic way to construct l-adic sheaves ...
    • 1434 - Low-dimensional Topology and Number Theory 

      [OWR-2014-38] Workshop Report 2014,38 (2014) - (17 Aug - 23 Aug 2014)
      The workshop brought together topologists and number theorists with the intent of exploring the many tantalizing connections between these areas.
    • 1447 - Mathematical Logic: Proof theory, Constructive Mathematics 

      [OWR-2014-52] Workshop Report 2014,52 (2014) - (16 Nov - 22 Nov 2014)
      The workshop “Mathematical Logic: Proof Theory, Constructive Mathematics” was centered around proof-theoretic aspects of current mathematics, constructive mathematics and logical aspects of computational complexity
    • 1433 - Mathematics and Algorithms in Tomography 

      [OWR-2014-37] Workshop Report 2014,37 (2014) - (10 Aug - 16 Aug 2014)
      This was the ninth Oberwolfach conference on the mathematics of tomography. Modalities represented at the workshop included X-ray tomography, radar, seismic imaging, ultrasound, electron microscopy, impedance imaging, ...
    • 1450 - Mathematics in Undergraduate Study Programs: Challenges for Research and for the Dialogue between Mathematics and Didactics of Mathematics 

      [OWR-2014-56] Workshop Report 2014,56 (2014) - (07 Dec - 13 Dec 2014)
      The topic of undergraduate mathematics is of considerable concern for mathematicians in universities, but also for those teaching mathematics as part of undergraduate studies other than mathematics, for employers seeking ...
    • 1440a - Mini-Workshop: Asymptotic Statistics on Stratified Spaces 

      [OWR-2014-44] Workshop Report 2014,44 (2014) - (28 Sep - 04 Oct 2014)
      Statistical analysis of non-Euclidean data such as data on manifolds is an active and established topic of research, for instance, in the statistical analysis of shape. However, many types of data naturally reside in metric ...
    • 1409c - Mini-Workshop: Batalin-Vilkovisky Algebras, Operads, and Hopf Algebroids 

      [OWR-2014-11] Workshop Report 2014,11 (2014) - (23 Feb - 01 Mar 2014)
      This workshop brought together 17 researchers whose work involves Batalin–Vilkovisky algebras, operads, and related structures such as Gerstenhaber algebras and cyclic homology. It featured introductory lectures on some ...
    • 1440c - Mini-Workshop: Differentiable Ergodic Theory, Dimension Theory and Stable Foliations 

      [OWR-2014-46] Workshop Report 2014,46 (2014) - (28 Sep - 04 Oct 2014)
      The mini-workshop Differentiable Ergodic Theory, Dimension Theory and Stable Foliations brought together experts in thermodynamical formalism, hyperbolic dynamics and dimension theory from several countries. The geographic ...
    • 1449a - Mini-Workshop: Dynamical versus Diffraction Spectra in the Theory of Quasicrystals 

      [OWR-2014-53] Workshop Report 2014,53 (2014) - (30 Nov - 06 Dec 2014)
      The dynamical (or von Neumann) spectrum of a dynamical system and the diffraction spectrum of the corresponding measure dynamical system are intimately related. While their equivalence in the case of pure point spectra is ...
    • 1449b - Mini-Workshop: Eigenvalue Problems in Surface Superconductivity 

      [OWR-2014-54] Workshop Report 2014,54 (2014) - (30 Nov - 06 Dec 2014)
      The aim of the meeting is to discuss several classes of Schrödinger equations appearing within the Ginzburg-Landau theory of superconductivity. The related problems are discussed from several perspectives including ...
    • 1440b - Mini-Workshop: Einstein Metrics, Ricci Solitons and Ricci Flow under Symmetry Assumptions 

      [OWR-2014-45] Workshop Report 2014,45 (2014) - (28 Sep - 04 Oct 2014)
      Symmetry reduction methods play an important role in the study of Einstein metrics, Ricci solitons and Ricci flow. The general aim of this mini workshop was to gather researchers who have expertise in the construction of ...
    • 1416c - Mini-Workshop: Infinite Dimensional Hopf Algebras 

      [OWR-2014-20] Workshop Report 2014,20 (2014) - (13 Apr - 19 Apr 2014)
      This is a report of the above mini-workshop. It contains brief accounts of all 17 talks given at the meeting, with commentary on their interconnections. A selection of the numerous open questions discussed at and generated ...
    • 1409a - Mini-Workshop: Kähler Groups 

      [OWR-2014-9] Workshop Report 2014,9 (2014) - (23 Feb - 01 Mar 2014)
      We reviewed recent advances in the study of fundamental groups of compact Kähler manifolds, involving an interesting mix of complex geometry, harmonic maps and non-Abelian Hodge theory, and geometric group theory. There ...
    • 1416b - Mini-Workshop: Mathematical Models for Cancer Cell Migration 

      [OWR-2014-19] Workshop Report 2014,19 (2014) - (13 Apr - 19 Apr 2014)
      Tumour cell invasion is an essential hallmark in the progression of malignant cancer. Thereby, cancer cells migrate through the surrounding tissue (normal cells, extracellular matrix, interstitial fluid) towards blood or ...
    • 1416a - Mini-Workshop: Mathematical Physics meets Sparse Recovery 

      [OWR-2014-18] Workshop Report 2014,18 (2014) - (13 Apr - 19 Apr 2014)
      In recent years, there have been several fruitful interchanges of methods between the fields of sparse and low-rank recovery on the one hand and quantum information theory on the other hand. One way to understand this ...
    • 1409b - Mini-Workshop: Negative Curves on Algebraic Surfaces 

      [OWR-2014-10] Workshop Report 2014,10 (2014) - (23 Feb - 01 Mar 2014)
      Negative curves play a prominent role in the geometry of projective surfaces. They occur naturally as the irreducible components of exceptional loci of resolutions of surface singularities, at the same time, they are closely ...
    • 1449c - Mini-Workshop: Reflection Positivity in Representation Theory, Stochastics and Physics 

      [OWR-2014-55] Workshop Report 2014,55 (2014) - (30 Nov - 06 Dec 2014)
      The central focus of the workshop was reflection positivity, its occurrence in physics, representation theory, abstract harmonic analysis, and stochastic analysis. The program was intrinsically interdisciplinary and included ...
    • 1405 - Mixing, Transport and Coherent Structures 

      [OWR-2014-4] Workshop Report 2014,4 (2014) - (26 Jan - 01 Feb 2014)
      The subject of this workshop was coherent structures, which play a significant role in the transport and mixing of passive and active scalars in fluids on a wide range of spatial scales. Participants coming from diverse ...
    • 1418 - Modular Forms 

      [OWR-2014-22] Workshop Report 2014,22 (2014) - (27 Apr - 03 May 2014)
      The theory of Modular Forms has been central in mathematics with a rich history and connections to many other areas of mathematics. The workshop explored recent developments and future directions with a particular focus ...
    • 1437 - New Horizons in Statistical Decision Theory 

      [OWR-2014-41] Workshop Report 2014,41 (2014) - (07 Sep - 13 Sep 2014)
      The classical metric theory of statistical models (experiments) has recently been extended towards an asymptotic equivalence paradigm, allowing to classify and relate problems which are essentially infinite dimensional and ...