• 1812 - Mathematical Methods in Quantum Chemistry 

      [OWR-2018-13] Workshop Report 2018,13 (2018) - (18 Mar - 24 Mar 2018)
      The field of quantum chemistry is concerned with the modelling and simulation of the behaviour of molecular systems on the basis of the fundamental equations of quantum mechanics. Since these equations exhibit an extreme ...
    • 1826 - Algebraische Zahlentheorie 

      [OWR-2018-30] Workshop Report 2018,30 (2018) - (24 Jun - 30 Jun 2018)
      The origins of Algebraic Number Theory can be traced to over two centuries ago, wherein algebraic techniques are used to glean information about integers and rational numbers. It continues to be at the forefront of
    • 1839 - Differential Equations arising from Organising Principles in Biology 

      [OWR-2018-43] Workshop Report 2018,43 (2018) - (23 Sep - 29 Sep 2018)
      This workshop brought together experts in modeling and analysis of organising principles of multiscale biological systems such as cell assemblies, tissues and populations. We focused on questions arising in systems biology ...
    • 1841 - Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Rigidity of Stationary Measure 

      [OWR-2018-47] Workshop Report 2018,47 (2018) - (07 Oct - 12 Oct 2018)
      The aim of this Arbeitsgemeinschaft was to understand the classification of stationary measures for semisimple random walks on a finite volume homogeneous space and its applications as described in the two papers [1] and [2].
    • 1830 - Explicit Methods in Number Theory 

      [OWR-2018-34] Workshop Report 2018,34 (2018) - (22 Jul - 28 Jul 2018)
      The aim of the series of Oberwolfach meetings on ‘Explicit methods in number theory’ is to bring together people attacking key problems in number theory via techniques involving concrete or computable descriptions. Here, ...
    • 1837 - Scaling Limits in Models of Statistical Mechanics 

      [OWR-2018-41] Workshop Report 2018,41 (2018) - (09 Sep - 15 Sep 2018)
      This conference (part of a long running series) aims to cover the interplay between probability and mathematical statistical mechanics. Specific topics addressed during the 22 talks include: Universality and critical ...
    • 1816c - Mini-Workshop: Superexpanders and Their Coarse Geometry 

      [OWR-2018-19] Workshop Report 2018,19 (2018) - (15 Apr - 21 Apr 2018)
      It is a deep open problem whether all expanders are superexpanders. In fact, it was already a major challenge to prove the mere existence of superexpanders. However, by now, some classes of examples are known: Lafforgue’s ...
    • 1851c - Mini-Workshop: Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of Maxwell's Equations 

      [OWR-2018-57] Workshop Report 2018,57 (2018) - (16 Dec - 22 Dec 2018)
      In this mini-workshop 17 leading mathematicians from Europe and United States met at the MFO to discuss and present new developments in the mathematical and numerical analysis of Maxwell’s equations and related systems of ...
    • 1810a - Mini-Workshop: Chromatic Phenomena and Duality in Homotopy Theory and Representation Theory 

      [OWR-2018-9] Workshop Report 2018,9 (2018) - (04 Mar - 10 Mar 2018)
      This mini-workshop focused on chromatic phenomena and duality as unifying themes in algebra, geometry, and topology. The overarching goal was to establish a fruitful exchange of ideas between experts from various areas, ...
    • 1823b - Cohomological and Metric Properties of Groups of Homeomorphisms of R 

      [OWR-2018-26] Workshop Report 2018,26 (2018) - (03 Jun - 09 Jun 2018)
      In recent years, the family of groups sharing features or design principles with classical Thompson groups has grown considerably. The workshop highlights new developments in this field with special emphasis on algorithmic ...
    • 1844 - Emergence of Structures in Particle Systems: Mechanics, Analysis and Computation 

      [OWR-2018-49] Workshop Report 2018,49 (2018) - (28 Oct - 03 Nov 2018)
      The meeting focused on the last advances in particle systems. The talks covered a broad range of topics, ranging from questions in crystallization and atomistic systems to mesoscopic models of defects to machine learning ...
    • 1806 - Variational Methods for the Modelling of Inelastic Solids 

      [OWR-2018-5] Workshop Report 2018,5 (2018) - (04 Feb - 10 Feb 2018)
      This workshop brought together two communities working on the same topic from different perspectives. It strengthened the exchange of ideas between experts from both mathematics and mechanics working on a wide range of ...
    • 1840a - Mini-Workshop: Positional Games 

      [OWR-2018-44] Workshop Report 2018,44 (2018) - (30 Sep - 06 Oct 2018)
      This mini-workshop focused on Positional Games and related fields. Positional Games Theory is a branch of Combinatorics whose main aim is to systematically develop an extensive mathematical basis for a variety of two-player ...
    • 1815 - Challenges in Optimal Control of Nonlinear PDE-Systems 

      [OWR-2018-16] Workshop Report 2018,16 (2018) - (08 Apr - 14 Apr 2018)
      The workshop focussed on various aspects of optimal control problems for systems of nonlinear partial differential equations. In particular, discussions around keynote presentations in the areas of optimal control of ...
    • 1832 - Mathematical General Relativity 

      [OWR-2018-36] Workshop Report 2018,36 (2018) - (05 Aug - 11 Aug 2018)
      General Relativity is one of the triumphs of twentieth century physics. Its spectacular predictions include gravitational waves, black holes, and spacetime singularities. The mathematical study of this theory leads to deep ...
    • 1840c - Mini-Workshop: Algebraic, Geometric, and Combinatorial Methods in Frame Theory 

      [OWR-2018-46] Workshop Report 2018,46 (2018) - (30 Sep - 06 Oct 2018)
      Frames are collections of vectors in a Hilbert space which have reconstruction properties similar to orthonormal bases and applications in areas such as signal and image processing, quantum information theory, quantization, ...
    • 1819 - Interactions between Operator Space Theory and Quantum Probability with Applications to Quantum Information 

      [OWR-2018-22] Workshop Report 2018,22 (2018) - (06 May - 12 May 2018)
      Operator space theory was the joining element of our workshop. This theory is a quantisation of the theory of Banach spaces. The talks at our meeting investigated the interactions of operator space theory with operator ...
    • 1827 - Topologie 

      [OWR-2018-31] Workshop Report 2018,31 (2018) - (01 Jul - 07 Jul 2018)
      The talks covered advances in algebraic K-theory and topological cyclic homology, geometric group theory, low dimensional topology relying on a mixture of combinatorial and analytic methods, classification of highdimensional ...
    • 1813 - Applied Harmonic Analysis and Data Processing 

      [OWR-2018-14] Workshop Report 2018,14 (2018) - (25 Mar - 31 Mar 2018)
      Massive data sets have their own architecture. Each data source has an inherent structure, which we should attempt to detect in order to utilize it for applications, such as denoising, clustering, anomaly detection, knowledge ...
    • 1845 - Combinatorial Optimization 

      [OWR-2018-50] Workshop Report 2018,50 (2018) - (04 Nov - 10 Nov 2018)
      Combinatorial Optimization is an active research area that developed from the rich interaction among many mathematical areas, including combinatorics, graph theory, geometry, optimization, probability, theoretical computer ...