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    • 1930 - Partial Differential Equations 

      [OWR-2019-34] Workshop Report 2019,34 (2019) - (21 Jul - 27 Jul 2019)
      The workshop dealt with nonlinear partial differential equations and some applications in geometry, touching several different topics such as geometric flows, minimal surfaces, semi-linear equations and calculus of variations.
    • 1929b - Mathematical Foundations of Isogeometric Analysis 

      [OWR-2019-33] Workshop Report 2019,33 (2019) - (14 Jul - 20 Jul 2019)
      Isogeometric analysis is a recent technology for numerical simulation, unifying computer aided design and finite element analysis. It offers a true design-through-analysis pipeline by employing the same representation ...
    • 1929a - Mathematical Theory of Water Waves 

      [OWR-2019-32] Workshop Report 2019,32 (2019) - (14 Jul - 20 Jul 2019)
      Water waves, that is waves on the surface of a fluid (or the interface between different fluids) are omnipresent phenomena. However, as Feynman wrote in his lecture, water waves that are easily seen by everyone, and which ...
    • 1928 - Dynamische Systeme 

      [OWR-2019-31] Workshop Report 2019,31 (2019)
      This workshop continued the biannual series at Oberwolfach on Dynamical Systems that started as the ``Moser-Zehnder meeting'' in 1981. The main themes of the workshop are the new results and developments in the area of ...
    • 1927 - Differentialgeometrie im Grossen 

      [OWR-2019-30] Workshop Report 2019,30 (2019) - (30 Jun - 05 Jul 2019)
      The topics discussed at the meeting reflected current trends in global differential geometry. These topics included complex geometry, Einstein metrics, geometric flows, metric geometry and manifolds satisfying curvature bounds.
    • 1926 - Algebraic K-theory 

      [OWR-2019-29] Workshop Report 2019,29 (2019) - (23 Jun - 29 Jun 2019)
      Algebraic $K$-theory has seen a fruitful development during the last three years. Part of this recent progress was driven by the use of $\infty$-categories and related techniques originally developed in algebraic ...
    • 1925b - Statistical Methodology and Theory for Functional and Topological Data 

      [OWR-2019-28] Workshop Report 2019,28 (2019) - (16 Jun - 22 Jun 2019)
      The workshop focuses on the statistical analysis of complex data which cannot be represented as realizations of finite-dimensional random vectors. An example of such data are functional data. They arise in a variety of ...
    • 1925a - Logarithmic Enumerative Geometry and Mirror Symmetry 

      [OWR-2019-27] Workshop Report 2019,27 (2019) - (16 Jun - 22 Jun 2019)
      The new field of log enumerative geometry has formed at the crossroads of mirror symmetry, Gromov-Witten theory and log geometry. This workshop has been the first to promote this field and bring together the junior and ...
    • 1923 - Mixed-integer Nonlinear Optimization: a hatchery for modern mathematics 

      [OWR-2019-26] Workshop Report 2019,26 (2019) - (02 Jun - 08 Jun 2019)
      The second MFO Oberwolfach Workshop on Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP) took place between 2nd and 8th June 2019. MINLP refers to one of the hardest Mathematical Programming (MP) problem classes, involving both ...
    • 1922 - Foundations and New Horizons for Causal Inference 

      [OWR-2019-25] Workshop Report 2019,25 (2019) - (26 May - 01 Jun 2019)
      While causal inference is established in some disciplines such as econometrics and biostatistics, it is only starting to emerge as a valuable tool in areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. The ...
    • 1921 - Nonlinear Hyperbolic Problems: modeling, analysis, and numerics 

      [OWR-2019-24] Workshop Report 2019,24 (2019) - (19 May - 25 May 2019)
      The workshop gathered together leading international experts, as well as most promising young researchers, working on the modelling, the mathematical analysis, and the numerical methods for nonlinear hyperbolic ...
    • 1920 - Geometry and Physics of Higgs Bundles 

      [OWR-2019-23] Workshop Report 2019,23 (2019) - (12 May - 18 May 2019)
      This workshop focused on interactions between the various perspectives on the moduli space of Higgs bundles over a Riemann surface. This subject draws on algebraic geometry, geometric topology, geometric analysis and ...
    • 1919 - Statistical and Computational Aspects of Learning with Complex Structure 

      [OWR-2019-22] Workshop Report 2019,22 (2019) - (05 May - 11 May 2019)
      The recent explosion of data that is routinely collected has led scientists to contemplate more and more sophisticated structural assumptions. Understanding how to harness and exploit such structure is key to improving the ...
    • 1918 - Tropical Geometry: new directions 

      [OWR-2019-21] Workshop Report 2019,21 (2019) - (28 Apr - 04 May 2019)
      The workshop "Tropical Geometry: New Directions" was devoted to a wide discussion and exchange of ideas between the leading experts representing various points of view on the subject, notably, to new phenomena that have ...
    • 1917 - Mathematical Methods in Quantum Molecular Dynamics 

      [OWR-2019-20] Workshop Report 2019,20 (2019) - (21 Apr - 27 Apr 2019)
      The workshop on "Mathematical Methods in Quantum Molecular Dynamics" has brought together chemists, mathematicians, and physicists developing new mathematical methods for studying the motion of atoms in molecules and in ...
    • 1916 - Combinatorics, Probability and Computing 

      [OWR-2019-19] Workshop Report 2019,19 (2019) - (14 Apr - 20 Apr 2019)
      The main theme of this workshop was the use of probabilistic methods in combinatorics and theoretical computer science. Although these methods have been around for decades, they are being refined all the time: they are ...
    • 1915c - Mini-Workshop: Mathematics of Crystallisation 

      [OWR-2019-18] Workshop Report 2019,18 (2019) - (07 Apr - 13 Apr 2019)
      Crystallisation, by which we mean the formation of solids precipitating from a solution, is the central theme of the present mini-workshop. Participants discussed different approaches towards a rigorous mathematical ...
    • 1915b - Mini-Workshop: Reflection Groups in Negative Curvature 

      [OWR-2019-17] Workshop Report 2019,17 (2019) - (07 Apr - 13 Apr 2019)
      Discrete groups generated by reflections constitute an important source of examples of lattices in simple Lie groups of real rank $1$ (whose associated symmetric spaces are negatively curved). Yet a classification for ...
    • 1915a - Mini-Workshop: Recent Progress in Path Integration on Graphs and Manifolds 

      [OWR-2019-16] Workshop Report 2019,16 (2019) - (07 Apr - 13 Apr 2019)
      Ever since Richard Feynman's PhD thesis, path integrals have played a decisive role in mathematical physics. While it is well-known that such formulae can hold only formally, it was Mark Kac who realized that by replacing ...
    • 1914 - Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Elliptic Cohomology according to Lurie 

      [OWR-2019-15] Workshop Report 2019,15 (2019)
      In this collection we give an overview of Jacob Lurie's construction of elliptic cohomology and Lubin Tate theory. As opposed to the original construction by Goerss-Hopkins-Miller, which uses heavy obstruction theory, ...