• 2141 - Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Thin Groups and Super-approximation (hybrid meeting) 

      [OWR-2021-50] Workshop Report 2021,50 (2021) - (10 Oct - 15 Oct 2021)
      The aim of this workshop was to discuss the super-approximation of thin groups, its dynamical implications in terms of the mixing of geodesic flows, and applications to various problems in arithmetic, geometry, and dynamics.
    • 2149a - Mini-Workshop: (Anosov)$^3$ (hybrid meeting) 

      [OWR-2021-56] Workshop Report 2021,56 (2021) - (05 Dec - 11 Dec 2021)
      Three different active fields are subsumed under the keyword Anosov theory: Spectral theory of Anosov flows, dynamical rigidity of Anosov actions, and Anosov representations. In all three fields there have been dynamic ...