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  • K-Theory for Group C*-Algebras and Semigroup C*-Algebras 

    Cuntz, Joachim; Echterhoff, Siegfried; Li, Xin; Yu, Guoliang (Birkhäuser Basel, 2017)
    This book gives an account of the necessary background for group algebras and crossed products for actions of a group or a semigroup on a space and reports on some very recently developed techniques with applications to ...
  • Moduli Spaces of Riemannian Metrics 

    Tuschmann, Wilderich; Wraith, David J. (Birkhäuser Basel, 2015)
    This book studies certain spaces of Riemannian metrics on both compact and non-compact manifolds. These spaces are defined by various sign-based curvature conditions, with special attention paid to positive scalar curvature ...
  • Dispersive Equations and Nonlinear Waves 

    Koch, Herbert; Tataru, Daniel; Vişan, Monica (Birkhäuser Basel, 2014)
    The first part of the book provides an introduction to key tools and techniques in dispersive equations: Strichartz estimates, bilinear estimates, modulation and adapted function spaces, with an application to the generalized ...
  • Positional Games 

    Hefetz, Dan; Krivelevich, Michael; Stojaković, Miloš; Szabó, Tibor (Birkhäuser Basel, 2014)
    This text is based on a lecture course given by the authors in the framework of Oberwolfach Seminars at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach in May, 2013. It is intended to serve as a thorough introduction to ...
  • Representations of Finite Groups: Local Cohomology and Support 

    Benson, David J.; Iyengar, Srikanth B.; Krause, Henning (Birkhäuser Basel, 2012)
    The seminar focuses on a recent solution, by the authors, of a long standing problem concerning the stable module category (of not necessarily finite dimensional representations) of a finite group. The proof draws on ideas ...
  • Photonic Crystals: Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Approximation 

    Dörfler, Willy; Lechleiter, Armin; Plum, Michael; Schneider, Guido; Wieners, Christian (Birkhäuser Basel, 2011)
    This volume collects a series of lectures which provide an introduction to the mathematical background needed for the modeling and simulation of light, in particular in periodic media, and for its applications in optical ...
  • Classification of Higher Dimension Algebraic Varieties 

    Hacon, Christopher D.; Kovács, Sándor (Birkhäuser Basel, 2010)
    This book focuses on recent advances in the classification of complex projective varieties. It is divided into two parts. The first part gives a detailed account of recent results in the minimal model program. In particular, ...
  • Conformal Differential Geometry 

    Baum, Helga; Juhl, Andreas (Birkhäuser Basel, 2010)
    Conformal invariants (conformally invariant tensors, conformally covariant differential operators, conformal holonomy groups etc.) are of central significance in differential geometry and physics. Well-known examples of ...
  • Lectures on Algebraic Statistics 

    Drton, Mathias; Sturmfels, Bernd; Sullivant, Seth (Birkhäuser Basel, 2009)
    How does an algebraic geometer studying secant varieties further the understanding of hypothesis tests in statistics? Why would a statistician working on factor analysis raise open problems about determinantal varieties? ...
  • Discrete Differential Geometry 

    Bobenko, Alexander I.; Schröder, Peter; Sullivan, John M.; Ziegler, Günter M. (Birkhäuser Basel, 2008)
    Discrete differential geometry is an active mathematical terrain where differential geometry and discrete geometry meet and interact. It provides discrete equivalents of the geometric notions and methods of differential ...
  • Hemodynamical Flows : Modeling, Analysis and Simulation 

    Galdi, Giovanni P.; Robertson, Anne M.; Rannacher, Rolf; Turek, Stefan (Birkhäuser Basel, 2008)
  • Topological and Bivariant K-theory 

    Cuntz, Joachim; Meyer, Ralf; Rosenberg, Jonathan M. (Birkhäuser Basel, 2007)
    Topological K-theory is one of the most important invariants for noncommutative algebras equipped with a suitable topology or bornology. Bott periodicity, homotopy invariance, and various long exact sequences distinguish ...
  • Tropical Algebraic Geometry 

    Itenberg, Ilia; Mikhalkin, Grigory; Shustin, Eugenii (Birkhäuser Basel, 2007)
    Tropical geometry is algebraic geometry over the semifield of tropical numbers, i.e., the real numbers and negative infinity enhanced with the (max,+)-arithmetics. Geometrically, tropical varieties are much simpler than ...
  • The mathematics of the Bose gas and its condensation 

    Lieb, Elliott H.; Solovej, Jan Philip; Seiringer, Robert; Yngvason, Jakob (Birkhäuser Basel, 2005)
    This book contains a unique survey of the mathematically rigorous results about the quantum-mechanical many-body problem that have been obtained by the authors in the past seven years. It addresses a topic that is not only ...
  • The Novikov conjecture : geometry and algebra 

    Kreck, Matthias; Lück, Wolfgang (Birkhäuser Basel, 2005)
  • Ten lectures on random media 

    Bolthausen, Erwin; Sznitman, Alain-Sol (Birkhäuser Basel, 2002)
    The following notes grew out oflectures held during the DMV-Seminar on Random Media in November 1999 at the Mathematics Research Institute of Oberwolfach, and in February-March 2000 at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. ...
  • Infinite dimensional Kähler manifolds 

    Huckleberry, Alan; Wurzbacher, Tilmann (Birkhäuser Basel, 2001)
    Infinite dimensional manifolds, Lie groups and algebras arise naturally in many areas of mathematics and physics. Having been used mainly as a tool for the study of finite dimensional objects, the emphasis has changed and ...
  • Hermann Weyl's Raum - Zeit - Materie and a general introduction to his scientific work 

    Scholz, Erhard (Birkhäuser Basel, 2001)
    Historical interest and studies of Weyl's role in the interplay between 20th-century mathematics, physics and philosophy have been increasing since the middle 1980s, triggered by different activities at the occasion of the ...
  • Polytopes - combinatorics and computation 

    Kalai, Gil; Ziegler, Günter M. (Birkhäuser Basel, 2000)
    Questions that arose from linear programming and combinatorial optimization have been a driving force for modern polytope theory, such as the diameter questions motivated by the desire to understand the complexity of the ...
  • Scaling limits and models in physical processes 

    Cercignani, Carlo; Sattinger, David (Birkhäuser Basel, 1998)

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