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    • 0211 - Probability and Statistics of Random Algebraic Structures 

      [TB-2002-14] (2002) - (10 Mar - 16 Mar 2002)
    • 1445a - Probability, Trees and Algorithms 

      [OWR-2014-50] (2014) - (02 Nov - 08 Nov 2014)
      The subject of this workshop were probabilistic aspects of algorithms for fundamental problems such as sorting, searching, selecting of and within data, random permutations, algorithms based on combinatorial trees or search ...
    • Das Problem der Kugelpackung 

      [SNAP-2016-004-DE] Dostert, Maria; Krupp, Stefan; Rolfes, Jan Hendrik (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2016)
      Wie würdest du Tennisbälle oder Orangen stapeln? Oder allgemeiner formuliert: Wie dicht lassen sich identische 3-dimensionale Objekte überschneidungsfrei anordnen? Das Problem, welches auch Anwendungen in der digitalen ...
    • Products of pairs of Dehn twists and maximal real Lefschetz fibrations 

      [OWP-2011-32] Degtyarev, Alex; Salepci, Nermin (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2011)
      We address the problem of existence and uniqueness of a factorization of a given element of the modular group into a product of two Dehn twists. As a geometric application, we conclude that any maximal real elliptic ...
    • 0746 - Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers - Research and Practice from an International Perspective 

      [OWR-2007-52] (2007) - (11 Nov - 17 Nov 2007)
      The Oberwolfach Workshop on “Teachers Professional Development” gathered a wide spectrum of topics of international research and practice in the field of mathematics education. Well-known researchers from all over the world ...
    • 0826 - Profinite and Asymptotic Group Theory 

      [OWR-2008-28] (2008) - (22 Jun - 28 Jun 2008)
    • Profinite groups 

      [SNAP-2016-014-EN] Bartholdi, Laurent (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2016)
      Profinite objects are mathematical constructions used to collect, in a uniform manner, facts about infinitely many finite objects. We shall review recent progress in the theory of profinite groups, due to Nikolov and Segal, ...
    • 0321 - Profinite Groups and Discrete Subgroups of Lie Groups 

      [TB-2003-22] (2003) - (18 May - 24 May 2003)
    • 0718b - Progress in Surface Theory 

      [OWR-2007-24] (2007) - (29 Apr - 05 May 2007)
      The theory of surfaces has undergone substantial changes in recent years, with many different active areas at this point in time. It has become mainstream to study minimal surfaces and constant mean curvature surfaces in ...
    • 1018 - Progress in Surface Theory 

      [OWR-2010-21] (2010) - (02 May - 08 May 2010)
      The theory of surfaces is interpreted these days as a prototype of submanifold geometry and is characterized by the substantial application of PDE methods and methods from the theory of integrable systems, in addition to ...
    • 1318a - Progress in Surface Theory 

      [OWR-2013-21] (2013) - (28 Apr - 04 May 2013)
      Over the last 30 years global surface theory has become pivotal in the understanding of low dimensional global phenomena. At the same time surface geometry became a platform on which seemingly different areas of mathematics ...
    • Prony’s method: an old trick for new problems 

      [SNAP-2018-004-EN] Sauer, Tomas (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2018-03-06)
      In 1795, French mathematician Gaspard de Prony invented an ingenious trick to solve a recovery problem, aiming at reconstructing functions from their values at given points, which arose from a specific application in ...
    • 1733 - Proof Complexity and Beyond 

      [OWR-2017-37] (2017) - (13 Aug - 19 Aug 2017)
      Proof complexity is a multi-disciplinary intellectual endeavor that addresses questions of the general form “how difficult is it to prove certain mathematical facts?” The current workshop focused on recent advances in our ...
    • Proof mining in metric fixed point theory and ergodic theory 

      [OWP-2009-05] Leuştean, Laurenţiu (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2009)
      In this survey we present some recent applications of proof mining to the fixed point theory of (asymptotically) nonexpansive mappings and to the metastability (in the sense of Terence Tao) of ergodic averages in uniformly ...
    • The Pseudo-Hyperresolution and Applications 

      [OWP-2017-17] Nguyen, The Cuong (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2017-07-04)
      Resolving objects in an abelian category by injective (projective) resolutions is a fundamental problem in mathematics, and this article aims at introducing a particular solution called “Pseudo-hyperresolutions”. This ...
    • A Pseudo-Polynomial Algorithm for Mean Payoff Stochastic Games with Perfect Information and Few Random Positions 

      [OWP-2015-20] Boros, Endre; Elbassioni, Khaled; Gurvich, Vladimir; Makino, Kazuhisa (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2015)
      We consider two-person zero-sum stochastic mean payoff games with perfect information, or BWR-games, given by a digraph $G = (V,E)$, with local rewards $r : E \to \mathbb{Z}$, and three types of positions: black $V_B$, ...
    • 0220 - Quadratic Forms and Algebraic Groups 

      [TB-2002-24] (2002) - (12 May - 18 May 2002)
    • 1325b - Quadratic Forms and Linear Algebraic Groups 

      [OWR-2013-31] (2013) - (16 Jun - 22 Jun 2013)
      Topics discussed at the workshop “Quadratic Forms and Linear Algebraic Groups” included besides the algebraic theory of quadratic and Hermitian forms and their Witt groups several aspects of the theory of linear algebraic ...
    • 0920 - Quadratic Forms and Linear Algebraic Groups 

      [OWR-2009-25] (2009) - (10 May - 16 May 2009)
      Topics discussed at the workshop Quadratic forms and linear algebraic groups included besides the algebraic theory of quadratic and Hermitian forms and their Witt groups several aspects of the theory of linear algebraic ...
    • 0626 - Quadratic Forms and Linear Algebraic Groups 

      [OWR-2006-29] (2006) - (25 Jun - 01 Jul 2006)
      Topics discussed at the Oberwolfach workshop Quadratic Forms and Linear Algebraic Groups, held in June 2006, included besides the algebraic theory of quadratic and Hermitian forms and their Witt groups several aspects of ...