• 1024 - Geometrie 

      [OWR-2010-26] (2010) - (13 Jun - 19 Jun 2010)
      The program of this meeting covered a wide range of recent developements in geometry such as geometric flows and connections to transport problems, metric and Alexandrov geometry, positively curved manifolds and the positive ...
    • 1623 - Geometrie 

      [OWR-2016-28] (2016) - (05 Jun - 11 Jun 2016)
      The workshop Geometry, organized by John Lott (Berkeley), André Neves (London), Iskander Taimanov (Novosibirsk) and Burkhard Wilking (Münster) was well attended with over 53 participants with broad geographic representation ...
    • 1425 - Geometrie 

      [OWR-2014-29] (2014) - (15 Jun - 21 Jun 2014)
      The topics discussed at the meeting ranged from geometric evolution equations to minimal surfaces, Riemannian foliations and hyperbolic geometry. Because of a flexible schedule, the 53 participants had ample time for discussion.
    • 2224 - Geometrie 

      [OWR-2022-28] (2022) - (12 Jun - 18 Jun 2022)
      The workshop Geometrie, organized by Aaron Naber (Evanston), André Neves (Chicago) and Burkhard Wilking (Münster) was well attended with over 42 participants (35 in person and 7 online) with broad geographic representation ...
    • 0316 - Geometrie der Banachräume 

      [TB-2003-17] (2003) - (13 Apr - 19 Apr 2003)
    • 9917b - Geometry and Analysis on Loop Spaces 

      [TB-1999-18] (1999) - (25 Apr - 01 May 1999)
    • 0840 - Geometry and Arithmetic around Hypergeometric Functions 

      [OWR-2008-45] (2008) - (28 Sep - 04 Oct 2008)
    • 2140b - Geometry and Optimization in Quantum Information (hybrid meeting) 

      [OWR-2021-49] (2021) - (03 Oct - 09 Oct 2021)
      Quantum information theory seeks to understand the fundamental limits set by quantum mechanics for information processing tasks. The mathematical aspects of quantum information rely on tools from various fields including ...
    • 1920 - Geometry and Physics of Higgs Bundles 

      [OWR-2019-23] (2019) - (12 May - 18 May 2019)
      This workshop focused on interactions between the various perspectives on the moduli space of Higgs bundles over a Riemann surface. This subject draws on algebraic geometry, geometric topology, geometric analysis and ...
    • Geometry behind one of the Painlevé III differential equations 

      [SNAP-2018-010-EN] Hertling, Claus (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2018-06-20)
      The Painlevé equations are second order differential equations, which were first studied more than 100 years ago. Nowadays they arise in many areas in mathematics and mathematical physics. This snapshot discusses the ...
    • The Geometry of Fair Division 

      [SNAP-2023-007-EN] Frick, Florian (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2023-12-30)
      How can we fairly divide a necklace with various types of beads? We use this problem as a motivating example to explain how geometry naturally appears in solutions of non-geometric problems. The strategy we develop to solve ...
    • Geometry of Free Loci and Factorization of Noncommutative Polynomials 

      [OWP-2017-23] Helton, J. William; Klep, Igor; Volčič, Jurij; Helton, J. William (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2017-10-02)
      The free singularity locus of a noncommutative polynomial f is defined to be the sequence $Z_n(f)=\{X\in M_n^g : \det f(X)=0\}$ of hypersurfaces. The main theorem of this article shows that f is irreducible if and only if ...
    • Geometry of higher dimensional algebraic varieties 

      [OWS-26] Miyaoka, Yoichi; Peternell, Thomas (Birkhäuser Basel, 1997)
      This book is based on lecture notes of a seminar of the Deutsche Mathematiker Vereinigung held by the authors at Oberwolfach from April 2 to 8, 1995. It gives an introduction to the classification theory and geometry of ...
    • 2101b - Geometry, Dynamics and Spectrum of Operators on Discrete Spaces (online meeting) 

      [OWR-2021-2] (2021) - (03 Jan - 09 Jan 2021)
      Spectral theory is a gateway to fundamental insights in geometry and mathematical physics. In recent years the study of spectral problems in discrete spaces has gained enormous momentum. While there are some relations to ...
    • 1023 - Geometry, Quantum Fields, and Strings: Categorial Aspects 

      [OWR-2010-25] (2010) - (06 Jun - 12 Jun 2010)
      Currently, in the interaction between string theory, quantum field theory and topology, there is an increased use of category-theoretic methods. Independent developments (e.g. the categorificiation of knot invariants, ...
    • 1308 - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics 

      [OWR-2013-10] (2013) - (17 Feb - 23 Feb 2013)
      The workshop “Geophysical Fluid Dynamics” addressed recent advances in analytical, stochastic, modeling and computational studies of geophysical rotating fluids models. Of particular interest on the analytical and stochastic ...
    • 1719 - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics 

      [OWR-2017-23] (2017) - (07 May - 13 May 2017)
      The workshop “Geophysical Fluid Dynamics” addressed recent advances in analytical, stochastic, modeling and computational studies of geophysical fluid models. Of central interest were the reduced geophysical models, that ...
    • Geproci Sets: a New Perspective in Algebraic Geometry 

      [SNAP-2023-008-EN] Chiantini, Luca; Harbourne, Brian (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2023-12-30)
      Geproci sets arise from applying the perspective of inverse scattering problems to algebraic geometry. Analogous to the reconstruction of an object from multiple X-ray images, we aim at a classification of sets with certain ...
    • Getzler rescaling via adiabatic deformation and a renormalized local index formula 

      [OWP-2016-18] Bohlen, Karsten; Schrohe, Elmar (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2016-10)
      We prove a local index theorem of Atiyah-Singer type for Dirac operators on manifolds with a Lie structure at infinity (Lie manifolds for short). After introducing a renormalized supertrace on Lie manifolds with spin ...
    • 0112 - Gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen 

      [TB-2001-13] (2001) - (18 Mar - 24 Mar 2001)