• 1549 - Geometric Partial Differential Equations: Surface and Bulk Processes 

      [OWR-2015-55] Workshop Report 2015,55 (2015) - (29 Nov - 05 Dec 2015)
      The workshop brought together experts representing a wide range of topics in geometric partial differential equations ranging from analyis over numerical simulation to real-life applications. The main themes of the conference ...
    • 1546c - Mini-Workshop: Scales in Plasticity 

      [OWR-2015-53] Workshop Report 2015,53 (2015) - (08 Nov - 14 Nov 2015)
      This mini-workshop was devoted to the current state of our understanding of dislocations (essentially slips of lines of atoms in a crystalline solid) and of their impact on the macroscopic behavior of those solids.
    • 1532 - Partial Differential Equations 

      [OWR-2015-36] Workshop Report 2015,36 (2015) - (02 Aug - 08 Aug 2015)
      The workshop dealt with nonlinear partial differential equations and some applications in geometry, touching several different topics such as minimal surfaces and harmonic maps, equations in conformal geometry, geometric ...