• 1922 - Foundations and New Horizons for Causal Inference 

      [OWR-2019-25] Workshop Report 2019,25 (2019) - (26 May - 01 Jun 2019)
      While causal inference is established in some disciplines such as econometrics and biostatistics, it is only starting to emerge as a valuable tool in areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. The ...
    • 1939 - Toric Geometry 

      [OWR-2019-43] Workshop Report 2019,43 (2019) - (22 Sep - 28 Sep 2019)
      Toric geometry is a subfield of algebraic geometry with rich interactions with geometric combinatorics, and many other fields of mathematics. This workshop brought together a broad range of mathematicians interested in ...
    • 1932 - Homotopy Theory 

      [OWR-2019-36] Workshop Report 2019,36 (2019) - (04 Aug - 10 Aug 2019)
      The workshop "Homotopy Theory" was organized by Jesper Grodal (Copenhagen), Michael Hill (Los Angeles), and Birgit Richter (Hamburg). It covered a wide variety of topics in homotopy theory, from foundational questions to ...
    • 1910c - Mini-Workshop: Cohomology of Hopf Algebras and Tensor Categories 

      [OWR-2019-11] Workshop Report 2019,11 (2019) - (03 Mar - 09 Mar 2019)
      The mini-workshop featured some open questions about the cohomology of Hopf algebras and tensor categories. Questions included whether the cohomology ring of a finite dimensional Hopf algebra or a finite tensor ...
    • 1905 - Tomographic Inverse Problems: Theory and Applications 

      [OWR-2019-4] Workshop Report 2019,4 (2019) - (27 Jan - 02 Feb 2019)
      This was the tenth Oberwolfach conference on the mathematics of tomography. The field rests on the interplay between the theoretical and applied; practical questions lead to new mathematics and pure mathematics motivates ...
    • 1919 - Statistical and Computational Aspects of Learning with Complex Structure 

      [OWR-2019-22] Workshop Report 2019,22 (2019) - (05 May - 11 May 2019)
      The recent explosion of data that is routinely collected has led scientists to contemplate more and more sophisticated structural assumptions. Understanding how to harness and exploit such structure is key to improving the ...
    • 1908 - Moist Processes in the Atmosphere 

      [OWR-2019-7] Workshop Report 2019,7 (2019) - (17 Feb - 23 Feb 2019)
      Processes related to water in the atmosphere lead to severe uncertainties in weather forecasting and climate research. Atmospheric water vapor and cloud water strongly influence the Earth's energy budget through, ...
    • 1945 - Analytic Number Theory 

      [OWR-2019-50] Workshop Report 2019,50 (2019) - (03 Nov - 09 Nov 2019)
      Analytic number theory is a subject which is central to modern mathematics. There are many important unsolved problems which have stimulated a large amount of activity by many talented researchers. At least two of the ...
    • 1917 - Mathematical Methods in Quantum Molecular Dynamics 

      [OWR-2019-20] Workshop Report 2019,20 (2019) - (21 Apr - 27 Apr 2019)
      The workshop on "Mathematical Methods in Quantum Molecular Dynamics" has brought together chemists, mathematicians, and physicists developing new mathematical methods for studying the motion of atoms in molecules and in ...
    • 1949 - Groups, Dynamics, and Approximation 

      [OWR-2019-55] Workshop Report 2019,55 (2019) - (01 Dec - 07 Dec 2019)
      The workshop covered a wide range of topics, with emphasis on Geometric Group Theory, Ergodic Theory and links with Functional Analysis on the one hand and Mathematical Logic on the other. The goal of the workshop was to ...
    • 1923 - Mixed-integer Nonlinear Optimization: a hatchery for modern mathematics 

      [OWR-2019-26] Workshop Report 2019,26 (2019) - (02 Jun - 08 Jun 2019)
      The second MFO Oberwolfach Workshop on Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP) took place between 2nd and 8th June 2019. MINLP refers to one of the hardest Mathematical Programming (MP) problem classes, involving both ...
    • 1930 - Partial Differential Equations 

      [OWR-2019-34] Workshop Report 2019,34 (2019) - (21 Jul - 27 Jul 2019)
      The workshop dealt with nonlinear partial differential equations and some applications in geometry, touching several different topics such as geometric flows, minimal surfaces, semi-linear equations and calculus of variations.
    • 1907 - Singularities and Homological Aspects of Commutative Algebra 

      [OWR-2019-6] Workshop Report 2019,6 (2019) - (10 Feb - 16 Feb 2019)
      Commutative algebra has recently witnessed a number of spectacular developments, resulting in the resolution of long-standing problems. The new techniques and perspectives, such as methods from the theory of perfectoid ...
    • 1927 - Differentialgeometrie im Grossen 

      [OWR-2019-30] Workshop Report 2019,30 (2019) - (30 Jun - 05 Jul 2019)
      The topics discussed at the meeting reflected current trends in global differential geometry. These topics included complex geometry, Einstein metrics, geometric flows, metric geometry and manifolds satisfying curvature bounds.
    • 1912 - Contemporary Coding Theory 

      [OWR-2019-13] Workshop Report 2019,13 (2019) - (17 Mar - 23 Mar 2019)
      Coding Theory naturally lies at the intersection of a large number of disciplines in pure and applied mathematics. A multitude of methods and means has been designed to construct, analyze, and decode the resulting ...
    • 1902 - Graph Theory 

      [OWR-2019-1] Workshop Report 2019,1 (2019)
      Graph theory is a rapidly developing area of mathematics. Recent years have seen the development of deep theories, and the increasing importance of methods from other parts of mathematics. The workshop on Graph Theory ...
    • 1941a - Mini-Workshop: Operator Algebraic Quantum Groups 

      [OWR-2019-45] Workshop Report 2019,45 (2019) - (06 Oct - 12 Oct 2019)
      This mini-workshop brought together a rich and varied cross-section of young and active researchers working on operator algebraic aspects of quantum group theory. The primary goals of this meeting were to highlight the ...
    • 1946c - Mini-Workshop: Seshadri Constants 

      [OWR-2019-53] Workshop Report 2019,53 (2019) - (10 Nov - 16 Nov 2019)
      Seshadri constants were defined by Demailly around 30 years ago using the ampleness criterion of Seshadri. Demailly was interested in studying problems related to separation of jets of line bundles on projective varieties, ...
    • 1929a - Mathematical Theory of Water Waves 

      [OWR-2019-32] Workshop Report 2019,32 (2019) - (14 Jul - 20 Jul 2019)
      Water waves, that is waves on the surface of a fluid (or the interface between different fluids) are omnipresent phenomena. However, as Feynman wrote in his lecture, water waves that are easily seen by everyone, and which ...
    • 1916 - Combinatorics, Probability and Computing 

      [OWR-2019-19] Workshop Report 2019,19 (2019) - (14 Apr - 20 Apr 2019)
      The main theme of this workshop was the use of probabilistic methods in combinatorics and theoretical computer science. Although these methods have been around for decades, they are being refined all the time: they are ...