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    • The T-Graph of a Multigraded Hilbert Scheme 

      [OWP-2011-34] Hering, Milena; Maclagan, Diane (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2011)
      The $T$-graph of a multigraded Hilbert scheme records the zero and one-dimensional orbits of the $T=(K^*)^n$ action on the Hilbert scheme induced from the $T$-action on $\mathbb{A}^n$. It has vertices the $T$-fixed points, ...
    • A tale of three curves 

      [SNAP-2022-010-EN] Balakrishnan, Jennifer S. (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2022-10-27)
      In this snapshot, we give a survey of some problems in the study of rational points on higher genus curves, discussing questions ranging from the era of the ancient Greeks to a few posed by mathematicians of the 20th ...
    • 0622 - Teichmüller Space (Classical and Quantum) 

      [OWR-2006-26] (2006) - (28 May - 03 Jun 2006)
      This is a short report on the conference “Teichmüller Space (Classical and Quantum) ” held in Oberwolfach from May 28th to June 3rd, 2006.
    • 1048 - Teichmüller Theory 

      [OWR-2010-53] (2010) - (28 Nov - 04 Dec 2010)
      This is a report on the workshop on Teichmüller theory held in Oberwolfach, from November 28 to December 4, 2010. The workshop brought together people working in various aspects of the field, with a focus on recent ...
    • 2331 - Teichmüller Theory: Classical, Higher, Super and Quantum 

      [OWR-2023-33] (2023) - (30 Jul - 04 Aug 2023)
      Teichmüller spaces play a major role in many areas of mathematics and physical science. The subject of the conference was recent developments of Teichmüller theory with its different ramifications that include the ...
    • Ten lectures on random media 

      [OWS-32] Bolthausen, Erwin; Sznitman, Alain-Sol (Birkhäuser Basel, 2002)
      The following notes grew out oflectures held during the DMV-Seminar on Random Media in November 1999 at the Mathematics Research Institute of Oberwolfach, and in February-March 2000 at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. ...
    • Tensor Representations of q(∞) 

      [OWP-2016-09] Grantcharov, Dimitar; Serganova, Vera (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2016-06-17)
      We introduce a symmetric monoidal category of modules over the direct limit queer superalgebra $\mathfrak{q}(\infty)$. The category can be defined in two equivalent ways with the aid of the large annihilator condition. ...
    • 2338a - Tensor-Triangular Geometry and Interactions 

      [OWR-2023-40] (2023) - (17 Sep - 22 Sep 2023)
      The workshop brought together experts in a rapidly growing field of tensor triangular geometry highlighting applications to and techniques coming from homotopy theory, algebraic geometry, modular representation theory, ...
    • The ternary Goldbach problem 

      [SNAP-2014-003-EN] Helfgott, Harald (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2014)
      Leonhard Euler (1707–1783) – one of the greatest mathematicians of the eighteenth century and of all times – often corresponded with a friend of his, Christian Goldbach (1690–1764), an amateur and polymath who lived and ...
    • Das ternäre Goldbach-Problem 

      [SNAP-2014-003-DE] Helfgott, Harald (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2020)
      Leonhard Euler (1707–1783) war einer der besten Mathematiker des 18. Jahrhunderts und wohl auch aller Zeiten. Er korrespondierte oft mit seinem Freund, Christoph Goldbach (1690–1764), einem Universalgelehrten, der auch ...
    • 1135 - The Analytic Theory of Automorphic Forms 

      [OWR-2011-43] (2011) - (28 Aug - 03 Sep 2011)
      The workshop brought together leading experts in the theory of automorphic forms. Recently developed analytic, geometric and ergodic methods have enabled several important results in the theory for $GL(2)$, and also made ...
    • 1325a - The Arithmetic of Fields 

      [OWR-2013-30] (2013) - (16 Jun - 22 Jun 2013)
      This report includes extended abstracts of talks given in a conference on the ”Arithmetic of Fields” that was held inMathematisches Forschung Institute, Oberwolfach during 16–22 June 2013. It also includes extended abstracts ...
    • 0906 - The Arithmetic of Fields 

      [OWR-2009-5] (2009) - (01 Feb - 07 Feb 2009)
      The workshop “The Arithmetic of Fields” focused on a series of problems concerning the interplay between number theory, arithmetic and algebraic geometry, Galois theory, and model theory, such as: the Galois theory of ...
    • 0606 - The Arithmetic of Fields 

      [OWR-2006-6] (2006) - (05 Feb - 11 Feb 2006)
      This is the report on the Oberwolfach workshop The Arithmetic of Fields, held in February 2006. Field Arithmetic (MSC 12E30) is a branch of mathematics concerned with studying the inner structure (orderings, valuations, ...
    • 0206b - The Arithmetic of Fields 

      [TB-2002-6] (2002) - (03 Feb - 09 Feb 2002)
    • 0445 - The History of Differential Equations, 1670 - 1950 

      [OWR-2004-51] (2004) - (31 Oct - 06 Nov 2004)
    • 0005 - The History of the Mathematics of the 20th Century 

      [TB-2000-5] (2000) - (30 Jan - 05 Feb 2000)
    • 2211a - The Laguerre-Pólya Class and Combinatorics 

      [OWR-2022-13] (2022) - (13 Mar - 19 Mar 2022)
      The talks at the workshop were focused on zero localization and zero finding of entire functions, with applications to analytic number theory and combinatorics. The discussions included specific areas such as stable and ...
    • 0145 - The Mathematical, Computational and Biological Study of Vision 

      [TB-2001-49] (2001) - (04 Nov - 10 Nov 2001)
    • 1539 - The Mathematics and Statistics of Quantitative Risk Management 

      [OWR-2015-42] (2015) - (20 Sep - 26 Sep 2015)
      It was the aim of this workshop to gather a multidisclipinary and international group of scientists at the forefront of research in econometrics, financial time series analysis, extreme value theory, financial mathematics, ...