• 1029 - Calculus of Variations 

      [OWR-2010-31] (2010) - (18 Jul - 24 Jul 2010)
      Since its invention by Newton, the calculus of variations has formed one of the central techniques for studying problems in geometry, physics, and partial differential equations. This trend continues even today. On the one ...
    • 1628 - Calculus of Variations 

      [OWR-2016-34] (2016) - (10 Jul - 16 Jul 2016)
      The Calculus of Variations is subject with a long and distinguished history, a great deal of diverse current activity, and close connections to other fields such as geometry and mathematical physics. The July 2016 workshop ...
    • 0027 - Calculus of Variations 

      [TB-2000-27] (2000) - (02 Jul - 08 Jul 2000)
    • 0425 - Calculus of Variations 

      [OWR-2004-29] (2004) - (13 Jun - 19 Jun 2004)
    • 0828 - Calculus of Variations 

      [OWR-2008-31] (2008) - (06 Jul - 12 Jul 2008)
    • 1230 - Calculus of Variations 

      [OWR-2012-36] (2012) - (22 Jul - 28 Jul 2012)
      Since its invention, the calculus of variations has been a central field of mathematics and physics, providing tools and techniques to study problems in geometry, physics and partial differential equations. On the one hand, ...
    • 2233 - Calculus of Variations 

      [OWR-2022-37] (2022) - (14 Aug - 20 Aug 2022)
      The Calculus of Variations is at the same time a classical subject, with long-standing open questions which have generated exciting discoveries in recent decades, and a modern subject in which new types of questions ...
    • 2032 - Calculus of Variations (hybrid meeting) 

      [OWR-2020-22] (2020) - (02 Aug - 08 Aug 2020)
      Calculus of Variations touches several interrelated areas. In this workshop we covered several topics, such as minimal submanifolds, mean curvature and related flows, free boundary problems, variational models of ...
    • Cataland: Why the Fuß? 

      [OWP-2019-01] Stump, Christian; Thomas, Hugh; Williams, Nathan (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2019-01-21)
      The three main objects in noncrossing Catalan combinatorics associated to a finite Coxeter system are noncrossing partitions, clusters, and sortable elements. The first two of these have known Fuß-Catalan generalizations. ...
    • Categoric Aspects of Authentication 

      [OWP-2012-05] Schillewaert, Jeroen; Thas, Koen (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2012-04-24)
    • Categorical Linearly Ordered Structures 

      [OWP-2018-08] Downey, Rod; Melnikov, Alexander; Ng, Keng Meng (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2018-04-26)
      We prove that for every computable limit ordinal $\alpha$ there exists a computable linear ordering $\mathcal{A}$ which is $\Delta^0_\alpha$-categorical and $\alpha$ is smallest such, but nonetheless for every isomorphic ...
    • A categorical model for the virtual braid group 

      [OWP-2011-19] Kauffman, Louis H.; Lambropoulou, Sofia (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2011-05-18)
    • Cauchy Completeness, Lax Epimorphisms and Effective Descent for Split Fibrations 

      [OWP-2023-06] Lucatelli Nunes, Fernando; Prezado, Rui; Sousa, Lurdes (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2023-06-19)
      For any suitable base category $\mathcal{V} $, we find that $\mathcal{V} $-fully faithful lax epimorphisms in $\mathcal{V} $-$\mathsf{Cat} $ are precisely those $\mathcal{V}$-functors $F \colon \mathcal{A} \to \mathcal{B}$ ...
    • Central Limit Theorems for the Radial Spanning Tree 

      [OWP-2014-18] Schulte, Matthias; Thäle, Christoph (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2014)
      Consider a homogeneous Poisson point process in a compact convex set in d-dimensional Euclidean space which has interior points and contains the origin. The radial spanning tree is constructed by connecting each point of ...
    • 1815 - Challenges in Optimal Control of Nonlinear PDE-Systems 

      [OWR-2018-16] (2018) - (08 Apr - 14 Apr 2018)
      The workshop focussed on various aspects of optimal control problems for systems of nonlinear partial differential equations. In particular, discussions around keynote presentations in the areas of optimal control of ...
    • 2107 - Challenges in Optimization with Complex PDE-Systems (hybrid meeting) 

      [OWR-2021-9] (2021) - (14 Feb - 20 Feb 2021)
      The workshop concentrated on various aspects of optimization problems with systems of nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs) or variational inequalities (VIs) as constraints. In particular, discussions around ...
    • 0935 - Challenges in Statistical Theory: Complex Data Structures and Algorithmic Optimization 

      [OWR-2009-39] (2009) - (23 Aug - 29 Aug 2009)
      Technological developments have created a constant incoming stream of complex new data structures that need analysis. Modern statistics therefore means mathematically sophisticated new statistical theory that generates or ...
    • Chaos and chaotic fluid mixing 

      [SNAP-2015-005-EN] Solomon, Tom (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2015)
      Very simple mathematical equations can give rise to surprisingly complicated, chaotic dynamics, with behavior that is sensitive to small deviations in the initial conditions. We illustrate this with a single recurrence ...
    • 2235 - Character Theory and Categorification 

      [OWR-2022-39] (2022) - (28 Aug - 03 Sep 2022)
      Over a hundred years after the work of Frobenius and Schur, the sheer enormity of what is not known about the character theory of symmetric and alternating groups continues to surprise and awe the uninitiated. How does ...
    • The Character Triple Conjecture for Maximal Defect Characters and the Prime 2 

      [OWP-2023-15] Rossi, Damiano (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2023-08-22)
      We prove that Späth’s Character Triple Conjecture holds for every finite group with respect to maximal defect characters at the prime 2. This is done by reducing the maximal defect case of the conjecture to the so-called ...